Vista Petroleum

Vista Petroleum Services is a wholesale marketer and rail transportation supplier specializing in petroleum products. Vista works in partnership with a network of refiners, railroads and customers throughout North America as a key supply chain partner. Building on a history of expertise with fuel oil, asphalt and carbon black oil Vista continues to expand it’s horizons across the petroleum industry.

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Vista leverages decades of experience in the transportation industry to help our customers move product by rail, truck and barge. Using partnerships with leading edge technology suppliers Vista maximizes asset utilization and drives efficiency into supply chains. Discover how Vista Petroleum Services can positively impact your business.

Clear Power North America

Harvesting renewable energy from gravity-fed pipelines and water resources.
Clear Power North America is bringing a New Breed of Hydroelectric power to North America. ClearPower uses a patented, axial flow, fixed-blade Kaplan turbine with a direct drive, synchronous, permanent magnetized generator (PMG) to convert water flow into a source of sustainable, renewable, low cost electricity.

Energy Solutions that Harness the Untapped Potential
of your Gravity-fed Water Assets

ClearPower’s  innovative technology  harvests energy from water intensive customers, generating renewable electricity
from the water already flowing through their pipelines for intake, waste, treatment and discharge.