Infinite Peaks Holdings is a private venture holding company investing in Colorado entrepreneurs. We partner with Founders with deep expertise and insight into their industry that has led them to an untapped opportunity in the market – our goal is to help them seize that opportunity.

Entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs 

We know what it takes to create a business from a vision because we’ve done it. There is an art and science to growing a company, and it’s a process made easier with partners who’ve successfully done it before. What we’re best at is building companies.

We empower Founders 

They are the ones who will put their company on their back if necessary to carry it forward. We provide the strategic and financial guidance, investment capital, and business support services as their company grows.

At IPH We Believe In:

Preserving Founder’s equity

Founders should keep a larger ownership stake in their company.

Exploring all financing structure possibilities

There is more than one way fund your vision.

Providing essential business support and technical services

Our single-source solution for lean business lets you focus on the core of your business.

Forging a lasting partnership

Beyond our investment and expertise, we’re beside you for the long haul and can tap into our network of investment partners.

IPH’s Business Support and Technical Services

When you’re a startup, you’re doing a lot of things for the first time. We reduce a Founder’s headaches caused by running a business so you can focus on what matters. This can help you avoid costly mistakes and go-to-market pivots. Just as importantly, you get the cost savings that come with shared services. Every company has different needs, from turnkey office space, IT admin, accounting, marketing, software development, recruiting, to fractional C-level leadership and more. IPH and our network of experts can support you as your company grows.

Today IPH carries a broad foundation of investments spanning several markets including Technology, Sustainability, Energy, and Real Estate. We firmly believe our experience is applicable across new markets — we bring sound financial, strategic, and operational guidance, and our Founders bring their subject matter expertise.

Why IPH?

We too are self-made business builders and we want to share all we’ve learned. Business ownership is exhausting, exhilarating and fulfilling. Founders bring their vision to IPH where we apply our investor mindset, experienced team, and track record of success. We are about innovative financing structure solutions, minimizing dilution, supporting lean business operations, and accelerating growth.

At IPH we believe business ownership is one of the most powerful ways to spur individual growth and discover one’s highest potential. Our goal is to do what we’re best at – building companies as we build lasting partnerships that enrich all of us.

Learn more about us and what we look for in a Founder

Meet Colorado entrepreneur Jack Brauer

Photography by talented local photographer

Jack is a small business owner who lives in Ridgway, Colorado at the foot of the mighty San Juan Mountains. The epitome of an entrepreneur, is work is his passion: he photographs the most majestic mountain ranges around the world – from Colorado, Nepal, Italy and Thailand, to Norway, Chile, Peru and Canada. He earned his BA in Fine Arts from the University of Colorado. His images have been featured in Outdoor Magazine, National Geographic Traveler and many more. Visit his virtual gallery MountainPhotography.com.